24 09 2018 A’dam Arena Riesling & Co.

24 09 2018 A’dam Arena Riesling & Co.

(D-Neustadt-Hambach, September 2018 LAH-eg)

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
we’ve been with our wines in NL-Amsterdam on Riesling & Co. in the Ajax Football Arena Johan Cruyff.
Please see to our current list.

Here are further informations:

We do furthermore a „Feine Verkostung – Dégustation Vin et Chocolat“ with vin & choclate and can
join you in your country / location, please think / inform me about this … to find a date.

Also we can offer you a selection of „Bloody good wines …“ coming from the HAMBACHER FREIHEIT WINERY Palatine/Germany ! Please look to the enclosed informations.

Best regards !

Bienvenue – Welcome !

Ludwig Adamé Haass
Bürger Europas – Citoyen de l’Europe
mobil +49 (0) 170 380 82 83

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